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SDI strives to provide the best customer service and quality imaging for its patients, providers, and third-party payers. There are several ways in which to contact us depending on the information you need to discuss. Please see the categories below to find the appropriate method of contacting us. Our phone lines are open Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 11:30 pm and Sat/Sun 7:30 am to 3 pm.  Our busiest call volume is Mon-Fri between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm.

Medical Records

  • (707) 646-4646, option 2
  • (707) 646-4949 (Fax)
  • Email us by clicking here --> SDI
  • A request for images (CD) requires a signed authorization form.  You can find this form at the bottom of this page.  Right-click on it to download, then print.  Please note, we do not have the ability to produce actual film images.  Our CD with your images can be viewed on any recent PC computer (not Apple devices).

    Billing Inquiries

  • Please note, sometimes you may have difficulty contacting our billing department or getting a quick resolution to your issue.  This is not acceptable to us and we want to provide you with a way to quickly resolve any issues you are having.  If you are frustrated with lack of resolution, please use the email link below to bring your issue to our attention so we can help.
  • (707) 646-4646, option 0
  • (707) 646-4949 (Fax)
  • Visit PerYourHealth. On your billing statement will be an ID and access code to view your information or update insurance.
  • To email information requests or resolve an issue click here --> SDI



  • (707) 646-4646, option 1
  • (707) 646-4949 (Fax)
  • To email scheduling requests click here --> SDI

If requesting copies of images or reports, please print a copy of the form below, complete and bring or fax to us.